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October 16, 2022

36 Weeks Pregnant

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and definitely not ready to have this baby. 

All women I’ve known or seen at nine months pregnant are over it. They’re sick of the massive belly, the lack of sleep, and not being able to drink. Okay, that last one isn’t every woman but I am so ready for two glasses of delicious red wine. And it better be nice wine. I’ve earned it. 

You’ve heard of Senior-itis. Those high school seniors in the last month of school do not give a fuck about class. And why should they? They know they’re going to graduate and they just want it to end. They’re ready for the next chapter. College is way more exciting than high school.

Pregnancy-itis is the same idea. Pregnant women don’t want to be pregnant anymore. An actual baby is way more exciting than a big belly. 

But as I approach my due date I can’t help but hope he comes a week late. Everyone says that when he arrives my life will be turned upside down. My life will completely revolve around keeping this small human alive. It will be non-stop attention and care for the first month or so of his life. And if I thought sleep was bad in the last month of pregnancy, forget it. I’ll be wishing for the sleep I was getting pre-baby. 

Most first-time moms don’t give birth until around 40 weeks so I’m hoping I have at least a month to go. Because I have so much to do. 

Here’s what I need to do in the next month:

Move. Maybe not the best time for my husband and I to buy a house but that’s what we did. So we are in the process of moving across town. Once settled, the nursery will be a priority. 

Write. I publish a blog and send out a newsletter each week. I need to create a backlog of content if I want to stay consistent. I certainly hope I’ll be able to write when he’s born but the masses have scared me into thinking otherwise. 

Coach. I coach a high school field hockey team. Things are touch-and-go with Covid but we are still having practices and I’ve only just met my co-coach. I want to do as much as I can for the team before I leave and make sure my co-coach feels confident with her role when I dip out.

Cook. My motivation to cook dinner has severely decreased. It’s a combination of being busy and only wanting to eat trail mix. There’s no way I’m going to cook anything when the baby arrives so Sam and I need to make meals ahead of time that we can freeze for later. Both our moms would have been helpful in this department but because of the pandemic we’ll be on our own.

Learn. I’m about to have a BABY. I need to learn how to care for one. That means reading books and watching YouTube videos and asking my doctors, doula, and girlfriends a million questions. It feels like I’m cramming for the SATs.

Buy. Sam and I made an online baby registry but haven’t purchased most of the items because we’re waiting until we move. There are SO MANY THINGS you need for a baby. Figuring out what we actually need continues to be a challenge.

Enjoy. Our lives are about to change forever. I’ve had four amazing years with Sam. It’s been just the two of us. Now it will be three. I want to cherish these last few weeks of alone time. These last few weeks of TV time. These last few weeks of sleeping in together. 


When I found out I was pregnant in December the first thing I did was calculate my due date. August 17. Nine months felt like forever. How could I wait that long? Now I am trying to fill my days with as much as I can and take advantage of my life without a baby. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to meet him and love him and spend all my time marveling at how perfect he is. Just not yet.