A weekly candid reflection of Charlie’s awkward encounters, piss-poor reactions, and ego-driven self-sabotages.

About Transparent Tuesdays

I’ve been told receiving my newsletter feels like being handed a goodie bag at a children’s birthday party, slap bracelets and all.

It's a short and spicy story that gets real personal real fast. These tiny vignettes are the seeds of my eventual memoir. 

Every other week I share a link to my podcast episode, where I do a deep dive on the last memoir I read and share my big takeaways with you.

The author of one of my favorite newsletters wrote an essay about me. She captured my essence and my journey in the best possible way.
—Ana Lorena Fabrega
Charlie has the superhuman ability to write a personal story that reads like a thriller. Her newsletter is the only one I make sure to open every single week, and I genuinely enjoy getting to know her better through her candid reflections.
—Polina Marinova Pompliano
It's the perfect break from work: heartwarming, often hilarious, need to know what happens next.
—Julia Saxena
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