Polina Marinova Pompliano

Charlie forgets to record the first hour of her conversation with Polina. Will she ever recover??

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Please Stop Laughing

Charlie and Sam get meta about podcasting.


A Confession

Charlie hates hates hates hates hates feeling stupid. And she did something really stupid this week.


Randy Garman

Let's talk about how much we hate Twitter.


Sam Sucks

Sam is quite taken aback when Charlie admits what she really thinks of him during an argument.


A Crying Mess

Charlie gets vulnerable in 2023.


A Christmas Special!!!

It's the most wonderful time of year when Charlie raps her favorite Christmas carol.


Rachel Morris (Our Nanny!)

Rachel joins Charlie and Sam to discuss her sailing adventures, childhood education, talking to kids like they're people, and self-checkout at the grocery store.


Welcome to Miami

Charlie and Sam skip town for two nights and meet up with some online friends IRL.


OMG My best friend is here!

Charlie and Sam are joined by Charlie's best friend of all time, Kylie.


Should we get a butler?

Our first guests are on the podcast! Charlie's college roommate "Ellie" and her husband "Norm" visit the Bleeckers for a weekend getaway with the kids.


Happy Mother's Day!

Before the family goes out to dinner at The Melting Pot, Charlie and Sam talk about their successful experiment to not eat sweets for a week.


COVID, addicted to sweets and alcohol, and struggles feeding a toddler.

The Bleeckers got COVID. It sucked.


The ups and downs of sleep training your baby, and a lullabye.

Charlie ends this episode with a song. You're welcome.


Sleep training your baby, a grandparent visit, and money talk.

Charlie shares her hypothesis about sleep training babies.


Gearing up for a grandparent visit, news from the pediatrician, and fun with pseudonyms.

Charlie and Sam share something with the listeners they haven't shared with anyone else.


Letting the nanny go, Sam loses his shit, and how Charlie and Sam met.

Charlie struggles with her need to be liked and Sam admits a recent parenting fail with the newborn.


Charlie's identity crisis, daycare for the win, and an argument.

Charlie and Sam are back! With a baby!


The honeymoon phase is over, finding the perfect nanny, and a rich life.

Charlie and Sam got into a massive argument and things got ugly before they eventually (finally) resolved it.


Cringe moments, brushing a toddler's teeth, and The Bachelor.

Charlie sticks her foot in her mouth once again and lives to tell the tale.


Charlie and Sam kick things off.

Charlie is joined by her husband Sam to rehash their latest argument (it's not Charlie's best look).

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